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February 9th, 2006

Vendio and gNumber Announce Joint Marketing Agreement

Agreement Provides New Mobile Bidding Solution and Comparison Shopping Tool to eBay Marketplace

November 30, 2005

UnWiredBuyer adds”Call Me, When the Price is Right” Mobile Bidding Feature for eBay Bargain Hunters

New RightPrice Feature Provides Even More Convenience for eBay Shoppers.

September 19, 2005

gNumber Launches UnWired Buyer ­– A Mobile Bidding Service for eBay Users

UnWired Buyer Allows eBay Users to Bid via Any Mobile Phone.

September 19, 2005

gNumber Extends Internet Commerce Experience to the Mobile Phone Using the Voice Channel

Patent-pending Technology Combined with User-Friendly Focus Enable E-Commerce Vendor to Tap Large Consumer Base and Grow Business.

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November 2005
Tech’s Big Comeback
Startups are hot—again. Valuations are nuts—again. Fortunes are being made – again. Here’s how to play it right this time.

by Michael V. Copeland

October 30, 2005
A Wireless Wonder
With features ad inifinitum, your cell phone getting to be like your PC
by David Hayes

October 29, 2005
eBay alert unshackles buyers from their PCs
by Alex L. Goldfayn

October 24, 2005
Cell phones put new services at back and call
by Cline Swett

September 22, 2005
eBay Gains Partner, Another Branches Out
by Frank Bajak

September 28, 2005
Startup Gets eBay's Number
by Mark Rockwell

September 28, 2005
eBay Opens Door to Legitimate 'Sniping'
by Ina Steiner

September 23, 2005
A Look at Some Practical New Products - Demo 05
by Ephraim Schwartz

September 21, 2005
eBay Alert Service Launches
by Joshua Jaffee

September 19, 2005
New Tool Allows Bidding by Cell Phone
by Devin Comiskey

September 18, 2005
gNumber launches real-time e-commerce service
by Giselle Greenwood