The BEST way to win on eBay

Tips & Tricks

Manage calls
Log into your UnWired Buyer account, and un-select auctions that you don’t want to be called on

Notification options
Consider turning SMS pre-call notification on. With a pre-call notification, you will be aware of the exact time of the UnWired Buyer call. You can prepare yourself for the call, or slip out of an existing engagement for the short duration of the call if you have the heads-up.


Skip voice prompts and menus
UnWired Buyer lets you skip over and interrupt audio prompts at any time. You can go straight to the Bidding menu and skip voice prompts once you are familiar with the commands.

Get immediate status
After entering the PIN, to quickly check status of :
Your max bid – press 2
Current price – press 3
Time left in the auction – press 4


UnWired Buyer has 2 modes:

Status Mode

The Status Mode is used to relay price, time left in auction and current bidder status.

You can press the “2,3,4 or 5” keys on your cell phone, to get the current status of the auction.

If there is a change in the status, UnWired Buyer will interrupt the audio prompt that is currently playing to instantly relay the change of status to you.

Bidding Mode

The Bidding Mode allows you to enter a minimum bid or a maximum bid. The bidding mode functions exactly like bidding on eBay using the computer

To enter a Minimum bid press *, followed by “#”, followed by “1”

To Enter a Max-Bid, press “*” followed by the amount in dollars and cents ( eg. press “3400” for $34.00 & press “5949” for $59.49)

To enter and exit out of the bidding mode press “*”

While in Bidding Mode, you will NOT receive updates to price changes, high bidder notices, or time left in the auction. It is a good idea to stay in the Status Mode until you’re ready to enter a bid.

UnWired Buyer is Fast.
Many users find that the best way to win their eBay auctions is to use UnWired Buyer instead of using their computer – especially if they are using a dial-up Internet connection, or when bidding on an item during heavy Internet usage times.

To quickly enter a minimum bid, press “*”, followed by “#”, followed by “1” in quick succession.

When the auction is over, please wait for a confirmation notice, before you hang up the phone. Always check email for official confirmation of bids, and auction status from eBay.