Beauty Statistics, Facts, and TrendsThe beauty industry is making huge strides in almost every direction.

It is gradually becoming one of the most profitable sectors on the planet, and also numerous advanced beauty products are emerging every day.

It is also one of the most dynamic industries making it hard for you to keep track of all the available beauty products on the market today.

If you are the type of person whom beauty comes first, then there are various facts, statistics, and trends in 2020 that you need to know.


1. The United States is the biggest market for cosmetic and beauty products

Despite there being so many countries where women purchase beauty products every minute. The United States is still the biggest market for hair care, makeup, skincare, and other beauty products. In 2018, the US became the most valuable cosmetic market generating 89.5 billion dollars in revenue.

2. The beauty industry has a value of $532 Billion

The beauty and cosmetic industry are growing exponentially, and it is estimated to have a value of 532 Billion dollars.  The number is also expected to rise further, given the new trends that are arising in the beauty industry. In the next five years, the beauty industry is going to become one of the most valuable industries across the world.

3. Olay is the most popular beauty brand

According to the list of the most popular beauty brands in the world, Olay holds the first position. The brand has a value of $11.7 billion. Its value is, however, shrinking due to L’Oreal’s gradual popularity. Despite being in the second place, L’Oreal only has a value of $952 million.

4. Skincare is the most profitable category of the beauty industry

The skincare industry is vast, and it caters for 60% of all the profits generated in the beauty industry.  According to Zenmed review, the manufacturing techniques of skincare products are improving every day. That is one of the reasons why the global market catapulted to $134 million in 2018.

cosmetics statistics5. Skincare with CBD is one of the trends in 2019

Skincare products with Cannabidiol or CBD continue to trend after a successful rise in 2018. Most people prefer purchasing these products due to their valuable abilities. CBD is popular for its anti-aging factor and the ability to reduce inflammation. It can also minimize wrinkles and make the skin smooth.

6. Custom-printed 3D hydrating masks are taking over

If there is one thing that always annoys people is the process of wearing and removing hydrating masks. The process can be messy, leaving you with great skin but annoyed. That is why custom-printed 3D hydrating masks are trending. These masks are custom made to fit your face. All you have to do is wear and remove without creating a mess.

7. 30% of all the beauty products on the market today are over 100years old

Most people think that these beauty products have been around for at most 30years. Well, there are so many brands that have been around longer. Among the oldest beauty brands that have lasted for more than 100 years include Pond’s, Vaseline, L’oreal, and Nivea.

8. Natural products are the biggest sellers in the beauty industry

Despite the increase in synthetic products in the beauty industry. The most selling products are natural creams and anti-aging products. Women go for natural cosmetics since they believe they have minimal to fewer side effects compared to synthetic products.

9. Beauty products are using targeted pricing to expand their market

Coming from nowhere and overtaking big brands is not as easy as it sounds. For you to start attracting people to the type of products you are offering, you need to be very keen. That is why most manufacturers are using target pricing to reach new demographics. They, therefore, reduce prices on specific products and catapult others.

10. Women in the  United States spend $300,000 on their face

According to skincare, research carried out in the United States, women spend a whopping $300,000 in their lifetime on their faces only. The money goes to products such as moisturizers, hydrating masks, and makeup, which tend to enhance their looks.

11. Ultra-bright shadows have taken over the streets

People are no longer using dark shadows or shadows that match their skin tones. They are, however, going for shades that are brighter and bolder. Millennials are leading in the trend, and more vibrant shadow palettes are coming out to meet their demand.

12. Nude lips are making headlines in the beauty industry

Nude lips are where a woman goes for a lipstick shade that mimics her natural lip color. It is becoming a trending topic with brands such as Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Tint-In-Balm and Sephora Collection Rouge Laquer, topping the list. It is the best way to match vibrant eye shadow if you don’t want to look like a lunatic.

13. North America has the biggest fragrance market worldwide

Out of five women in North America, four use fragrance. The continent has the largest fragrance market on the planet, with the best fragrance brand being body fantasies signature. The brand generated a total of $43.4 million in 2018.

14. Oily skin is more prone to wrinkles than dry skin

Most people believe that dry skin is prone to wrinkles, but that is not the case. Oily skins get wrinkles much faster than dry skin. You should, however, maintain a moisturized skin if you want to look beautiful. The problem with dry skin is that it quickly dehydrates.

15. Perfumes and toilet preparations industry spend more on advertisements

Beauty products depend on ads regardless of the form. That is why in 2018, these two industries spent $18.26 billion on ads alone. The amount will go past $20 billion in the next few years.

16. The shampoo is the most profitable hair care product in the world

In 2016, The US Sold 548 million bottles of shampoo. That is why this beauty product is one of the most profitable hair care products. In 2017, the hair care market value was $85 billion. The big percentage of the money came from shampoos.

17. Beauty and care industry has a market value of £16.8 billion

In the UK, in a week, the lowest a woman can spend on beauty and care industry is £4.2. Other women spend four times the amount. That gives them a market value of £16.8 billion, with beauty stores like Boots being the most favorite among people.

makeup stats18. 41% of Americans aged between 30 to 59 wear makeup daily

The statistics show that 41% of these women end up wearing makeup every single day. The top cosmetic products they utilize include foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, cheekbone highlighter, and concealers, among many others.

19. 40% of American adults prefer gender-neutral beauty products

In 2018, there was a rise in gender-neutral beauty and care products. It means that anyone could use the products regardless of their sex. The trend is taking over, and more people are opting for products with brands like Fluide and Jecca makeup and Panacea being on the forefront.

20. The UK is the leading producer of skincare products

Being one of the biggest markets for skincare products, it is quite uprising to find that they are also the leading producers of skincare products. In 2018, the UK had a total of 38% of the world’s new launches of skincare products followed by the US and France.

21. India’s beauty and care market is growing drastically

Don’t forget India is among the most populated countries on the planet. Their economy is growing fast, and so is the rate at which women are buying makeup. Those are the main reasons why their beauty and care market is going to reach $20 billion in the next five years.

22. Women walk with an average of $8 worth of makeup on their face

When you start calculating the value of products women apply on their faces every day, you will find they spend $8. These include moisturizer, makeup, eyeshadow, eyelash, lipstick, and mascara. Remember that it is only the average. Some women spend more than $8 while others spend less.

23. By 2024, the lipstick market would have grown by 6.6%

The number of women who apply lipstick before they leave the house is quite significant. With more shades coming up and new designs such as the nude lipsticks, the industry will see more growth in the arena. By 2024, the lipstick market is going to grow by 6.6%.

24. The addiction of millennials to wear makeup is the reason why the industry is booming

Millennials do almost everything they see on social media. Whenever something new comes up, they are very keen to purchase and try it on. Their interest in makeup is one of the main reasons why the industry is booming.

25. Giant beauty industries are using technology to perfect their products

There are so many latest trends that are influenced by technology, including the introduction of custom-made 3D hydrating masks. Companies such as L’Oreal, as well as Proctor & Gamble, are using augmented reality and artificial intelligence to make their products better.

These are the 25 beauty industry facts, trends, and statistics that either you knew or did not have a clue. It is now evident that the beauty industry is growing with the skincare products leading the pack. The fragrance section is gradually rising, while the millennials are the reason why the whole industry is growing drastically.